Frequently asked questions

You must not be a member of NIDO but you should because, it is service to your father land.

As a member of NIDO, it is your responsibility to protect Nigeria's image, protect Nigeria's interest and help in developing Nigeria. It is your responsibility to transfer to Nigeria whatever knowledge and expertice you have acquired abroad. You are obliged to contribute to Nigeria's educational, technological and social growth. You should contribute to Nigeria's economic recovery.

Any Nigerian professional or academician legally resident in Deutschland is qualified to be a member of NIDO Germany. There are some outstanding Nigerians who are neither professionals nor academicians but are accepted as members of NIDO Germany due to their achievements in their respective areas.

Right here on the NIDO site, you can go to the registration forms page and download the forms. You can fill the forms and submit online. You can also print the forms, fill them and send them to the NIDO secretariat. You can find the postal address on the contact page.

Simple. Just fill the forms and return them to the secreteriate. If you qualify to be a member of NIDO, the secretary will inform you and on the payment of a registration fee of 50 euro, you become a member. You can also become a member by attending NIDO meeting. You will be asked to introduce yourself. There and then, you will be told if you qualify as a NIDO member or not. If you are qualified, you will be registered immediately. You can pay the registration fee then or later.

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